Summit Group Partners employs a process we refer to as BLITZ -- a proven process which facilitates bringing together the resources needed to quickly assess a situation, identify opportunities and formulate strategies to bring about the desired outcome. From this assessment, Summit Group Partners will assist management in implementing the strategies and initiatives that will bring about immediate, impactful and sustainable change and improvement. The BLITZ process can vary from a few weeks to months, depending upon the size of the business and the complexities surrounding the initiatives. At all stages in the process management is fully engaged and reporting systems are implemented so that the entire organization can see the progress towards the goals.

Summit Group Partners staffs engagements with seasoned executives with senior leadership experience as CEOs, Operating Presidents, CFOs and Professional Coaches. This allows for minimal ramp-up time and familiarity with most situations. Collectively, the team at Summit Group Partners has been involved in over 50 transformations, implementation of growth strategies and operational initiatives. The BLITZ process is tailored to each client’s individual situation but utilizes the basic tenants as described below. The objectives of BLITZ are to deliver:


  • EBITDA Improvement
  • Increased cash flow
  • A stronger Balance Sheet
  • Improved overall processes
  • Position the business for long term sustainability and success

Phase I: (3-5 Weeks)

BLITZ – Top to bottom evaluation, analysis and diagnostic of:

  • Business plan
  • Current business model
  • Business and market analytics including competitive benchmarking
  • Detailed functional review of each area of business
    • Engage management
    • Review current initiatives
    • Identify opportunities
    • Develop business case
  • Results in:
    • Management’s consensus
    • Actionable recommendations
      • Quick Hits
      • Mid to long term
    • Plan for each mission critical part of business
    • Path forward by area and by month for execution


Phase II: (6-12 Weeks)

Implement Quick Hits/Develop Longer Term Plans

  • Quick Hits
    • Immediate action
    • Early success
  • Mid-range initiatives
  • Deep analysis
  • Engage management
  • Develop:
    • Charters
    • Owners
    • Detailed plans
    • Cash flows
    • Reporting mechanisms


Phase III: (3-6 Months)

Full Implementation

  • Support or supplement management’s implementation of plan
  • Instill management process and culture of execution and change
  • Engage entire corporation
  • Achieve Results
    • Increased cash flow
    • Improved cost position
    • Improved EBITDA
    • Stronger Balance Sheet
  • Transform the business
    • Strategy development
    • Reposition for future success

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