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View from the Summit - Nov '11

2011 has been a year characterized by uncertainty and volatility. Unemployment remains high, the market has seen some real swings and more than 30% of economists believe we could see a double dip recession.

So what does that mean for the small and middle market companies as well as private equity firms? It means opportunity. Opportunity to identify underserved markets and where your core competencies can be leveraged into new markets. Visionary leadership is required to move companies forward in these uncertain times.

When a market is in the state of flux, many times people and companies stop and wait. That translates into parts of the markets that are left underserved as needs continue to evolve. Even if your firm doesn’t have the products and services to bring to market, a great way to serve that space is through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures to take a stronger position in the market. In many cases these can be accomplished with minimal cash and can make for a more powerful position now and when the markets returns.

Another area where one can uncover opportunities is in conducting a self-assessment to identify what core competencies reside in your company or portfolio. Stripping away the brand and marketing, what do you do best? Once this is identified, look to leverage that into new markets or business ventures. I worked with a print services business that when they conducted a self-assessment, identified that a core competency was their logistics and distribution systems and network. This allowed them to develop a new business platform and helped the business grow during the recession. We all have them, so let’s use it.


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Kevin Lombardo
Kevin P. Lombardo, Founder and CEO

Kevin founded Summit Group Partners to support businesses throughout the United States in their quest to accelerate a transformation and achieve sustainable change through strategies of growth, expansion and operational excellence. His passion is to help businesses and executives maximize their potential. Throughout his consulting career, Kevin has formally coached over 25 CEOs and business owners representing 10,000 employees’ globally and nearly $2 billion in revenues and helped them to unlock human potential and shareholder value. With 14 years of direct P&L leadership and over two decades of management and consulting experience in multiple industries Kevin can quickly bring the resources together to make an immediate impact on any organization. Kevin participates on various industry panels and has spoken at corporate and industry events throughout the country on the topic of accelerated sustainable change. Furthermore, he has authored numerous articles on corresponding subjects and has been interviewed by media outlets throughout the country.

Kevin directs all engagements for Summit Group Partners from inception and guides their progress throughout in order to ensure consistency and efficiency in all services delivered. He also manages client relationships and develops optimum solutions tailored for each client’s specific need. He has extensive experience assisting both healthy and distressed companies with M&A transaction leadership, revenue growth, operational improvements, restructuring debt, negotiating with creditors and unions along with locating financing.

Prior to forming Summit Group Partners, Kevin built two nationally renowned consulting practices from 2004 through 2010. Kevin has held numerous senior executive positions including CEO, President, CRO, EVP and CFO of publicly traded, privately held, Fortune 500 and private equity led businesses. Kevin has an extensive background in business leadership, strategic planning, growing revenue, profits and shareholder value of numerous businesses, executive development, entrepreneurship and turnaround management. As CEO of a $300 million dollar supplier of print services, Kevin led the transformation from a stale business model to a growth engine for the parent company, achieving revenue growth of 7% after multiple years of decline, reaching and sustaining the number one market share position and supporting the stock price increase of 300% within 15 months of taking the leadership role. He has held the position of CRO multiple times and has three times led businesses through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process with each company successfully emerging with a confirmed plan of reorganization. He has led and executed the management of the merger, acquisition, divestiture and integration of over two dozen businesses with total transaction value in excess of $1.5 billion. Kevin received both his BS and MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. In addition, he holds a graduate certificate from Cornell University in Human Resource Management.


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