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Kevin Lombardo's interview with 9News business reporter Gregg Moss about the U.S. economy's effect on local business and the importance of transformational leadership.Watch the interview or continue reading a transcript.


Kevin Lombardo, a Colorado-based management consultant, offers some tips for struggling managers and companies.


With the economy the way it is, many small and mid level companies are struggling. Lombardo, who is the founder and CEO of Summit Group Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies identify and maximize their business opportunities, says that transformational leadership is needed for companies to thrive now.


"Transformational leadership, to me, is the ability to transcend the current economic condition," Lombardo said. "[It] is the ability to take a look at what's happening in the market and look for those opportunities."


Lombardo says that having a vision for your company is important when finding opportunities, even for those companies that are struggling to meet payroll.

"It's tough. The companies that are struggling to meet payroll, that is their first and foremost priority, and I wouldn't short change that," Lombardo said. "You have to focus on strong cash-management skills [and] the ability to hold costs down. A lot of companies did that from 2008 to 2010. They fixed their balance sheet, and now they're poised for growth. You have to be able to look out into your marketplace, assess what's happening, and be able to identify where those opportunities are."


According to Lombardo, a company's "corporate culture" is defined by the people that work there and how they operate and interact on a daily basis. He says there can be both poor and strong corporate cultures. A poor corporate culture in a company can cause sales to stagnate, morale to go down and production to fall. A strong corporate culture is shown with high productivity, sales and brand value.


Lombardo also says that a company's CEO can move the company to either outrageous success or outrageous failure.


"Outrageous success to me is companies that set a bar that's really high: double-digit growth, the ability to be a market leader and not a follower," Lombardo said. "Outrageous failure is those companies that, especially is these times, just really hold back and don't take advantage of those hidden opportunities that are in every industry and every marketplace."

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Kevin Lombardo
Kevin P. Lombardo, Founder and CEO

Kevin founded Summit Group Partners to support businesses throughout the United States in their quest to accelerate a transformation and achieve sustainable change through strategies of growth, expansion and operational excellence. His passion is to help businesses and executives maximize their potential. Throughout his consulting career, Kevin has formally coached over 25 CEOs and business owners representing 10,000 employees’ globally and nearly $2 billion in revenues and helped them to unlock human potential and shareholder value. With 14 years of direct P&L leadership and over two decades of management and consulting experience in multiple industries Kevin can quickly bring the resources together to make an immediate impact on any organization. Kevin participates on various industry panels and has spoken at corporate and industry events throughout the country on the topic of accelerated sustainable change. Furthermore, he has authored numerous articles on corresponding subjects and has been interviewed by media outlets throughout the country.

Kevin directs all engagements for Summit Group Partners from inception and guides their progress throughout in order to ensure consistency and efficiency in all services delivered. He also manages client relationships and develops optimum solutions tailored for each client’s specific need. He has extensive experience assisting both healthy and distressed companies with M&A transaction leadership, revenue growth, operational improvements, restructuring debt, negotiating with creditors and unions along with locating financing.

Prior to forming Summit Group Partners, Kevin built two nationally renowned consulting practices from 2004 through 2010. Kevin has held numerous senior executive positions including CEO, President, CRO, EVP and CFO of publicly traded, privately held, Fortune 500 and private equity led businesses. Kevin has an extensive background in business leadership, strategic planning, growing revenue, profits and shareholder value of numerous businesses, executive development, entrepreneurship and turnaround management. As CEO of a $300 million dollar supplier of print services, Kevin led the transformation from a stale business model to a growth engine for the parent company, achieving revenue growth of 7% after multiple years of decline, reaching and sustaining the number one market share position and supporting the stock price increase of 300% within 15 months of taking the leadership role. He has held the position of CRO multiple times and has three times led businesses through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process with each company successfully emerging with a confirmed plan of reorganization. He has led and executed the management of the merger, acquisition, divestiture and integration of over two dozen businesses with total transaction value in excess of $1.5 billion. Kevin received both his BS and MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. In addition, he holds a graduate certificate from Cornell University in Human Resource Management.


Principal, Sharp Market Intelligence and Author, Competitive Intelligence Advantage

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