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Making The Pieces Fit

Creating and sustaining a successful business can be like a puzzle -- until all the pieces fit together, you’ll only get an unintelligible jumble with little meaning or benefit to anyone or anything.

Business books, motivational speakers, advisors and coaches all have their own methodologies, recipes and strategies to help a businesses grow, thrive and achieve a degree of permanence. Lasting and ongoing success, however, will only result when, and if, a company makes a determined effort to arrange some basic elements into a cohesive set of inter dependent actions. It needs to first create its identity then connect it to other critical pieces of the puzzle to have meaning.


In a small business, the CEO must be the lifeblood of the company who creates, develops and defines its message. He must then FIT it to other elements to give it LIFE. The MESSAGE needs to answer several simple questions: Who are we? What do we do? How do we do it? And what differentiates us? While it’s true that this process can take some time, it’s critical for the CEO to lead in the message development and help answer these pertinent questions.


So, you’ve got your message, but that’s only part of the process. What good is a corporate message if it’s only a static concept? How do you inject energy and meaning into the message – how do you give it LIFE?


The message has to be broadcast. It has to be put in a simple format that can be easily explained to others in the company. From my previous coaching experience with a recognized CEO/owner development organization, I was introduced to the idea of a one-page business plan that creates a concise document stating the company’s unique business proposition, its numeric goals (what gets measured, gets done ) and strategies to achieve them – everything on one page. Why one page? The one page is critical to driving the message as its purpose is to let others in your company know who you are, where you’re going and just how you’re going to get there. It will help a CEO get employees engaged as they’ll have a company roadmap that will help the company get from point A to point B, from start-up to established, from small to large, from bottom red to bottom black.


So, the message has now become a roadmap and a powerful tool, but only if the CEO next leads the process of getting ALIGNMENT around the message so employees have clarity and can shape and direct their individual initiatives. When employees are aligned with the CEO’s vision of the company wonderful things WILL happen. Mind you I said, “will happen” not “might happen” as employees are then committed to developing a culture that drives execution throughout the organization resulting in employees who are unrelenting on simply growing a great business I’ve been witness to the transformation that can happen when message, map and alignment all FIT.


A final puzzle piece is needed without which everything a CEO tries to do will only partially succeed. To ensure success, the CEO must wrap his company in an accountability paradigm – a paradigm that everyone accepts and adopts as the business norm and as a condition of continued employment that requires everyone to do what they said they would do, how they said they’d do it, when they said they’d do it – no matter what. How do you get it? Again, the CEO must set the example, lead the process and expect full commitment to it at every level.


So, FIT the pieces: ACCOUNTABILITY {Message + Map + Alignment}

Dom Di Dia is a Summit Group Partners Trusted Advisor. His focus is in the areas of operational excellence and organizational alignment to meet the strategic needs and challenges companies face today. Dom brings significant international experience to clients of Summit Group Partners and is helping them bridge the gaps when expanding beyond traditional boarders.

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The One-Page Proposal by Patrick Riley is a good resource also, published by Harper Collins, you can get it at or most book stores.

Great article, could agree more.

Monday, 29 August 2011
Founder and cEO

Here is an additional discussion on alignment as it applies to growing revenues. Make the pieces fit.............

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
Founder and CEO

Here is an additional discussion on alignment as it applies to growing revenues. Make the pieces fit……………….

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
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